Brake repair

Brake Replacement and Repair Plano TX!

Brake Repairs and Replacements Matter
Brake Repairs and component replacements are often forgotten to look properly after as most of the time they work properly and work for a longer period so you think it will do the job every single time. We however like to point out that a Brake check should be considered a priority as you rely on it multiple times a day when you get in your vehicle.

It should be considered a life saver as brakes which are well looked after actually save lives. Our experienced mechanics always strongly suggest checking your brakes every single time you do any type of service to your vehicle. This is why DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic is always checking your vehicle’s brakes to make sure they are all set and in good working condition. This also includes the brake fluid which is of great importance when it comes to braking as the pads and disks will not work if there’s no brake fluid.

It’s all about safety first, which is why you want your car to be serviced by DCI the number one Mobile Mechanic in Plano.

Take Care of Your Brakes
Brakes are crucial when it comes to getting your vehicle to stop. You rely on them multiple times a day when you get into your vehicle. If you decide to let DCI the Best Mobile Mechanic in Plano to perform any type of service, repair or maintenance to your car you can rest assure that you brakes are always working properly, as they should.

We do however always have a few suggestions we give to our customers to perform for themselves just to be sure. First of, always make sure that your brake fluid is at a proper level. If you do hear any weird sounds such as metal on metal make sure to get your vehicle serviced immediately. Give our mobile mechanics a call and be sure your vehicle will be braking properly in no time again, keeping you and your loved ones safe and sound. Let DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic take care of your vehicle.

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A view of a car brake ready to be repaired.

As mentioned previously brakes are an essential part of you vehicle and should be checked and maintained on a regular basis. Our experienced mobile mechanics are able to do brake repairs, brake maintenance and brake replacement on any preferred location. Our mobile mechanics are fully equipped with all the right tools, making sure they are able to fix your brakes. We are able to perform a quick and non-invasive repair. You will hardly notice that our mechanics were even onsite.

How long does a repair take?
sually, brakes can be replaced within a matter of an hour or two. If your vehicle is rust and sediment free it might even just take one hour instead. When it comes to the somewhat older and perhaps rusted vehicles it could take a bit longer to complete.

We are always able to repair them, due to our set of well maintained mobile mechanic truck and tools. So no matter how stuck they are, we are able to fix it for you. Get in touch with our mobile mechanics and find out for yourself how quiet, efficient and safe we are.

Brake Pads and Brake Rotors
We are offering full brake service maintenance and repair packs. We can replace or fix them separately or both, whatever is needed! Our field professionals are experienced, fast and efficient and will take care of your brakes, guaranteeing you will be able to drive around town safely. Because vehicles come in different sizes and shapes, they are all equipped with different types of brakes. With our years of experience, we can ensure you that our mobile mechanics will provide you with the right type of brakes, resulting in ensuring your cars stopping power.

Vehicle Specific Brakes
As mentioned previously, vehicles come in different types, sizes and shapes. They also come with different sized wheels, different sized rotors and also require specific pads. Years of experience will tell us exactly which brakes are needed for each specific vehicle. Our professional mobile mechanics are able to determine the right set of brakes for your car, truck or SUV without a doubt! Rest assure your vehicle is in good hands and that your brakes will last for as long as it guaranteed on the packaging.

Brake Inspections
Give DCI the Best Mobile Mechanic of Plano a call immediately if you are uncertain on the lifespan of your brake pads, rotors or any other parts. Our mobile mechanic can perform a few quick checks that will tell us immediately if your brakes just need a service or might need a brake replacement all together. Brakes are on of our specialties and we take pride on being a Brake Specialist. DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic is just one call away from coming to you and start servicing or repairing your brakes, the proper way!

If we have the right parts in stock we are able to fix your car right then and there!