Diagnostic Service Plano Texas!

Fixing all problems
Whenever a customer of us has a specific problem, we don’t just look at that particular problem. We do a full check as we want to determine all the problems instead of the one that is indicated by the customer. The last thing that you want as a customer is to keep coming back time after time. This is what happens at your local car repair shop as they want you to keep coming back to them. We feel that it shows a lack of caring as we know how valuable your time is. DCI the Best Mobile Mechanic in Plano only has the best interest in you, which is to keep you on the road without any issues or problems for as long as possible. We diagnose all problems and once discussed we will solve them all, keeping you safe on the road. Get in touch with our team of experts today to diagnose your car by DCI, the number one mobile mechanic in Plano.

Guessing is not an option
With having over a decade of experience gives DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic the opportunity to accurately determine and diagnose every single problem that your vehicle is facing. We let the numbers do the talking. Guesswork is out of the question. Don’t listen to your local repair shop when they “think” it might be this or “might” be that. Rely on our Mobile Mechanics to pinpoint the exact problem to save you money on parts and labor as well. Make sure your vehicle will be properly diagnosed and fixed and give us a call.

Every mechanical work starts with a diagnose. Troubleshooting is something that is done with the older cars, while diagnostic testing is currently used to run tests on the newer cars that have been equipped with computer chips and error codes. A proper diagnostic test, that is run by a certified experienced professional will produce a series of results which will direct our mechanic to the problem that needs to be fixed. All of our professional mechanics are fully trained to read every code that is being addressed to them and fix it, no matter how old or new your vehicle might be. Count on us to do the job and get you on the road again.

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What is an Error Code?
An Error code has specifically been designed to communicate with a mechanic. Our Diagnotic Machine is plugged into your vehicle to “read” it. Once read it will return certain error codes to us which will indicate what exactly is causing the problem. Based on those error codes our experienced mobile mechanics are able to determine how to proceed in fixing the problem(s).

Without diagnostics, it could take double or even triple the time to fix a vehicle. Labor costs could add up tremendously because of that, let alone the costs for parts, especially when the parts weren’t even needed to be replaced in the first place. Call DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic and be 100% sure your car is in the right hands.

What’s the timespan on Diagnostics?
An initial diagnosis performed by us only takes a few minutes to complete. Once the error codes have been shared with our experienced mechanics they can proceed with determining the problem. Certain vehicles might require looking up the error codes which can take a bit longer but usually all codes can be determined within 15 minutes once completed. Once all codes have been determined our field personnel can start working on the problematic areas. The timespan of the work itself will depend on what exactly needs to be fixed on your vehicle, but we will provide you with a proper estimation before starting. Once the problem has been fixed, we always perform a double check, performing a final diagnostic check to your vehicle, to make sure all issues have been sorted.

Is a diagnostic check always required?
We always recommend to perform a diagnostic test as it takes very little time and acts as a verification to what might an idea or assumption related to the problem. Additionally, we always perform a final diagnostic check once we have fixed the problems, making 100% your vehicle is issue free. It only takes a few extra minutes and you’ll get confirmation that all issues have been fixed. Numbers don’t lie, take it from DCI the Best Mobile Mechanic in Plano. Give us a call today to schedule in an appointment with our mobile mechanics near you.