Engine Tune-Ups

Engine Tune Up Plano

Engine Tune-ups
Regular Engine Tune-Ups are must as it allows your engine to run smoothly at all times. Ensuring that this will be done on a regular basis, but more importantly, in a proper manner, will result in you being able to keep enjoying your car and extending it’s lifespan. Let DCI the Best Mobile Mechanics in Plano help you out. Save time by letting us come to you to perform the engine tune up. This will save you both time and money. Our prices are one of the best in town, combined with our expertise and customer service we are your number one choice to call upon. Of course you can also get in touch with us if you are in need of any repairs, maintenance or replacements on your vehicle. Our trucks and mechanics are equipped with all the right set of tools to help you get back on track.

Best Performance
You will definitely notice the difference after a Engine Tune Up has been done to your vehicle. You can feel an increasement of power in combination with your engine running way smoother than before. That being said, looking at the gas / mileage, you will see an improvement on that area as well. Talk about overall improvement! Leave it to our professional mobile mechanics to get the best out of your vehicle’s engine by doing our engine tune up. You will feel, see and hear the difference!

An Engine Tune up can take sputtering engine and transform it into a brand new one. Over time, engines tend to start running rich, combined with a high idle, sounding like old moppet, to a purring kitty with the help of our Engine Tune-Up program. Our Engine Tune Ups are affordable for each and every vehicle. You will notice an immediate improvement once done. SUV, Truck or Car, Diesel or Petrol Engines, we can tune them all.

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Tuning Up
There are a number of different ways to tune-up an engine. The newer models require more computer engagement and computer chip alterations while the older models require some additional minor adjusting. Some of these minor adjustments could be the timing, in order to start the tune-up.

Tune-ups itself can be done relatively quickly compared to the difference you will notice once finalized. If you are unsure about the condition of your vehicle’s engine or perhaps a bit scared of a certain unnatural noise that your engine is currently producing, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our Mobile Mechanics will be with you in no time, sorting the issue(s) out by performing a quick engine tune up. Name the place and the time and we will be there!

Tune-Up Frequency
Engine tune ups usually last for about 6 – 12 months. Older vehicles that are equipped with a higher torque engine might need to be tuned up a bit more regularly.

These vehicles could be using a tune-up every 2 months. Newer vehicles from, let’s say the early 2000’s only need to be tuned up once a year. If you have put some modifications to your car it needs to be subjected to multiple engine tune-ups a year as well. Get in contact with DCI the Best Mobile Mechanics in Plano and let us perform the Engine Tune-Ups for your vehicle. Leave it to the experts to come to you! Affordable, efficient, fast and just one call away from coming to you!

Affordable pricing
Unethical mechanics can charge you top dollar for an engine tune up. Too make it even worse, those engine tune-ups won’t be up to par either. These unethical mechanics usually start with simple diagnostics and perform a tune-up. At the end they will come up with a list of items that need to be fixed while in fact that’s not even the case. Leave it to DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanics and you won’t be disappointed. An engine tune-up shouldn’t take long and more importantly, shouldn’t be expensive. Get in touch with our ethical mobile mechanics to perform the job, a better job, against lower costs and even better, we bring our services over to you. Call us today!

Good Gas Mileage
A well-tuned engine will increase the gas mileage and has also proven to decrease the amount of oil that is being used by your engine. If you see blue smoke coming out of your exhaust it could be due to regularly burning oil. A tune-up will make all the difference performed by DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanics. A properly tuned engine will run with less strain and will result is better gas mileage. Get 2 birds with one stone, save money on both the tune-up and on gas mileage and give us a call to schedule in a Engine Tune-Up with the Best Mobile Mechanics near you.