Spark Plugs and
Ignition Coils

Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils Plano TX!

Fire in the Hole
A spark plug will give your engine the ability to fire up. Without proper spark plugs your engine will not fire up and your car will not move an inch unless you push it. Bad spark plugs can even cause serious damage to the head of your engine which is why this need be checked on a regular basis. It’s better to prevent damages than to wait for them to happen. Our experienced mobile mechanics know the signs of damage or issues that can occur with spark plugs, as well as other essential engine parts and will take action immediately. If these parts are not serviced on a regular basis this could cause some serious damage to your engine, resulting in big repair, but even worse, a big bill to pay. Make sure you get in touch with DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanics to take care of all of your spark plug repairs, maintenance and replacements. It will be worth your wild.

Ignition Coils are a Must
Have you ever wondered how the energy from your battery is transmitted to your engine? Well, let me tell you how that works. The juice that is being put forth by your battery is at low voltage. This is actually sent through the ignition coils where it is being transformed to a higher voltage charge. This high voltage charge will be needed by your spark plugs to start your engine. The ignition coils play a vital part in getting the engine to start which is why these should be looked after properly. Nothing is more annoying than planning to go somewhere but your vehicle’s engine thinks otherwise. Leave it to the Best Mobile Mechanics in Plano to help you out. We will make sure that your ignition coils will be functioning at their very best. Get in touch with us to perform a diagnosis today by calling our expert field officers today. We understand the importance of every single engine part, big or small and will do anything in our power to keep your engine running smoothly. Car repairs, maintenance & replacements, we bring all these services to you, saving you both time and money.

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DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic is equipped with all the necessary tools to repair, swap or maintain your ignition coils and spark plugs. Both are replacement within a timely manner, especially by our experts. A spark plug might look like a small and simple item, but it is a crucial part of getting any vehicle to start. 

Same applies to the ignition coils. Without either one of them, your vehicle will be left stranded. Don’t take your spark plugs and ignition coils for granted, our Best Mobile Mechanics certainly won’t. You can count on us!

What is a Spark Plug?
A spark plug is only a few inches long, depending on the vehicle where it applies to. It’s quite sturdy to touch and a bit heavy looking at the size of them. Each and every vehicle is equipped with a few spark plugs that are located on the engine block. All of these spark plugs are being activated with an electric current that causes them to generate a small spark. A spark you say?! Yes, this spark is needed with every combustion engine as a small explosion is needed to go off inside of your engine. It’s a minor explosion that will active the burning of your gasoline which will make your cylinders in your engine cycle. Once set in gear this small combustion will be turning your wheels, making you move forward or backwards, depending on the gear your vehicle is in.

What does the Ignition Coil do?
As mentioned previously, the ignition coils converts the lower voltage from the battery to a higher voltage. The Ignition coil amplifies the 12 volts received from your battery until it reaches your spark plugs. The 12 volt has been slowly increasing until they had enough voltage to them to be able to jump the small gap between the spark plug. Once the voltage is high enough it will be able to generate the spark that is needed to fire up the engine. If your ignition coils are not properly working this will result in your spark plugs not being able to spark. Without that spark, you and your vehicle will be stranded. Luckily, DCI the Best Mobile Mechanic in Plano is here to provide assistance to all of our new and existing customers. Get in touch with us now!

Spark Plug Failure
Even though a spark plug might seem tougher than a nail, they can fail just like any other part on your vehicle. Most older vehicles suffer from these spark plug failures. The newer models also occasionally have those problems, but the older models rely more on their spark plugs than the newer models. Spark plugs intend to fail once they’re wet or cold. These problems often occur during the wintertime when over-cranking a cold engine causes it to flood. That flood causes the spark plug to malfunction. You can leave it to our Mobile Mechanics to help you out. But, it’s better to prevent it from happening so stay away from those local repair shops and give DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Replacing these Parts
Both the spark plugs and the ignition coils are easy to replace. Replacing the spark plugs means that you will pull a cord that will unplug them, unscrew the spark plugs and screw in a new one. Make sure that when placing a new one you don’t tighten it too much. If you do, this will result in your spark plug breaking inside your engine which will result is a very expensive repair. Fortunately for you, our highly skilled and experienced mechanics will know exactly what torque force will need to be used for every individual vehicle when it comes to replacing these new spark plugs. Replacing the ignition coils is also a fairly easy job to pull of and is actually similar to replacing the spark plugs. Just pull the plug on the end where it’s attached to the spark plug. Secondly, you can remove the pins that keep them snug and separated from the engine’s cooling fan. Than plug some new ones in and you’re good to go. Always make sure to replace them in the same order as when you took them off or a misfire will occur. Unsure how to proceed? You know we are just one call away to help you out! DCI Plano’s Best Mobile Mechanic, here to assist all vehicles in need of repairs, replacements and maintenance.